Excavating Atlanta: A Podcast Series



Research Fellow at the Center for Civil and Human Rights interviewed Dr. Jennifer Singh about structural determinants of health in Atlanta. See Episode 7: Health Inequity

Excavating Atlanta is a podcast series which explores the history and residual effects of structural inequality in the City of Atlanta. This series looks more deeply at the city’s segregated history as well as some of the policies that shaped the city’s development in the last century, to become one of the most inequitable cities in the United States. Excavating Atlanta operates on the premise that we must contextualize history to understand today’s obstacles to progress.Weekly episodes will feature an expert in their field, who sheds light on the following topics: displacement, transportation, income inequality, voting rights, healthcare, and suburban poverty.  We unearth  problems that have been paved over for the purpose of creating a better future for all Atlantans.


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